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Beware of Latest Scams



Supply Chain Fraud is a new fraud trend that is on the rise.  This is where fraudsters pose as your legitimate vendors requesting an invoice be paid or changing account information on where to submit payment.

How do you protect yourself against Supply Chain Fraud?

·         Verify all invoices received to ensure validity.  We recommend that you cross-reference invoices (called “vouchering”) with purchase orders and receiving advices.

·      If you receive a request to change payment instructions via letter or email, call your contact at the number you have on file to verify the instructions.

·      Alert your staff to be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

·      If you receive an email or letter, look at the logo and other identifying information to see if it looks correct.



Please be aware of a new scam attempting to steal pin-type information.  Fraudsters are able to purchase a case for their iPhone that takes a thermal photograph.  When you are entering information on a metal keypad, your fingertip leaves behind a thermal image for several minutes until the surface cools.

After you walk away from the key pad, the fraudsters take a picture with their iPhone and the thermal image of your pin is recorded.  In most cases, they can even tell the order in which you pressed the keys because the key pressed first will have started to cool sooner than the last key.

To prevent such a hack, it is recommended that you press several keys either after or before your pin, or rub your finger over multiple keys to mask your true pin number.

pHONE spoofing


There is an app available for downloading on smart phones that allows fraudsters to mask the real phone number from which they are calling.  The fraudsters can make it appear as though they are calling from any number (including your BANK!!).  They can alter their voices and even add background noises.

Be wary of anyone calling you asking for personal information.  Do not trust your Caller ID!  If you are uncertain, hang up and call back to a known number you have on file.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to protect against fraud.


Protect Your Privacy

We have been notified of several Internet scams requesting personal banking information.  PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND to any calls or emails of this type.  Post Oak Bank, N.A. will never NEVER ask for your account information via email, telephone call, or direct mail.  If you have any questions about a request you receive, please contact us ASAP.  We want to help you PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY!


Reporting Fraud

To report fraud on your Post Oak Bank account or if you have questions, call a Post Oak Bank Customer Service Specialist at (713) 439-3900.  Contact one of the three major credit bureaus to place fraud alert on your credit report, as well as a victim's statement asking the creditors call you before opening new accounts or charging existing ones.

  * Equifax (800) 525-6285

  * Experian (888) 397-3742

  * TransUnion (800) 680-7289

As required by law, the selected credit bureau will report the information to the other two bureaus for you.

You should also:

  * Contact creditors for any accounts that have been affected.

  * Always follow up with a letter and keep copies of everything.

  * Close affected accounts and assign passwords to new ones.

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