Treasury Services

Online Banking

A secure and easy way to manage accounts via the Internet. It allows you to have 24-hour access to account information and the ability to manage and control account balances.


Allows you to receive electronic delivery of bank statements, notices and confirmations. You will receive an email notification when the document is available for viewing. e-Delivery houses 18 months' worth of statements. You also have access to images of the front and back of checks and deposit tickets.

Remote Deposit Capture

The ability to make deposits from the convenience of your office until 6:00 p.m. without ever having to come to the bank. Avoid the time and expense involved in traveling to the bank to make a deposit. You no longer need to make copies of the checks.

ACH Origination

This service allows customers to pay employees, creditors, vendors and more as well as collect from your customers, utilizing our online banking system. This electronic method for transferring funds between financial institutions reduces the physical movement of checks and cash.

Positive Pay

A fraud detection tool that identifies unauthorized, counterfeit or altered checks before they clear your account. The risk of check fraud is minimized and you are alerted by email when an exception item is presented for payment.

ACH Fraud Filter

A fraud detection tool that identifies ACH transactions before they clear your account. You pre-authorize companies that are allowed to debit your business account. Debits that are presented that do not fall within the predetermined criteria are stopped so you can make a decision to pay or return.

Payroll Cards

Want to make the move to all electronic? Do you have employees that don't have bank accounts and you're still having to cut paper checks? With payroll cards you can get all employees on the same direct deposit payroll.


The processing of customer receivables submitted directly to the bank for direct deposit to your accounts. You have access to the images online and reporting. You don't have to worry about making the deposits, we'll do it for you.

Merchant Services

Provides electronic acceptance of all major credit and debit card transactions with a merchant account. You can have a physical terminal or you can use a virtual one online.

Wire Transfers

A fast, convenient way to transfer money from one location to another, whether it be across the city or around the globe. Online wires give you the flexibility to log on to your computer and send money immediately.


Business Banking

Security Corner

Security Corner

Tips and tricks to protect against fraud.

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